Friday, January 25, 2013

Because I'm a teacher~

And the teacher teach.

Previously, I was having my teaching experience at SK Seri Mega for practikum first phase. And The second one at SK Seri Saujana. Seriously, I miss all of my student and how much I wish I could come back there and teach those awesome student back~ T_______T

But Allah has a better plan I guess right :')

Now I'm currently adapting to a new school for practicum 3rd phase. 
SK Taman Dato Harun (2)

I heard loads of rumours about the school & students background. some of them is surely make me scary enought to enter the class and teach. But somehow, that's the challenge that I've to take.

Sabar, dan tabah. Usaha dan doa.

Itu kunci orang muslim yang beriman dan bertaqwa.

'Rabbi Yasseer Wala Tu'assir. Rabbi Tameem Bil Khoir'
Semoga Allah mempermudah segala urusan. Ameen.

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